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anthonyFrom Rugby League to Hydrodog and beyond, here is my story: Anthony Amos started his career playing professional rugby straight out of high school in Australia. While playing football Anthony decided to use his down time to start his own business, so at 21 he founded a mobile dog grooming business.(Hydrodog) His ‘prototype’ grooming trailer consisted of a secondhand hydro-bath (special dog bath) strapped on to the back of a box trailer! He put an ad in the local newspaper; rented a mobile phone and he was on his way!

Within 5 years Hydro Dog had grown to over 100 franchises across Australia. It was the first franchise of its kind to be in every State and Territory of Australia. After the 100th franchise milestone was reached, Hydro Dog implemented a Master Franchise model taking the franchise system to the next level. All state and territories in Australia were sold within an 18-month period.

Anthony and his team revolutionized the dog-grooming industry by designing and creating a fiberglass mobile grooming salon in the shape of a big blue dog. To this day after 11 years there is no other product like it in the market place. Hydro Dog grew to the largest franchise of its kind in the world and Anthony at the age of 28 became one of Australia’s youngest millionaires.

In 2006 Anthony decided and it was time to sell Australia and NZ. Hydro Dog was sold for a record sum and still remains the largest franchise sale of its kind in the world. There are now over 200 franchises throughout Australia.

After the sale of Hydro Dog Australia & New Zealand, Anthony immersed himself in property development. Two of the larger deals were a 1200 lot sub division in North Qld Australia and a 3-stage unit development with an operational works status for a 67 dual and triple key Ramada resort.

Anthony found that his passion wasn’t in property so in 2010 he decided to move to the US with his beautiful wife and 3 amazing children (5,6,7) at the time to expand Hydro Dog into the American dog grooming market. After 2 years establishing the business model and getting the big blue dog manufactured in America, Anthony sold his interest in Hydro Dog USA.

After a year and a half of Hydrodog being in operation in the US Anthony’s former partners contacted him to purchase the company back and in doing so Anthony has created a national tour with Hydrodog dog and www.bathetosavetour.com to expand the brand and rescue dogs across the country.

Anthony is heavily involved in the franchising world being part of some exciting new concepts such as Cross Creek Wedding bells, As Seen On Tv warehouse, and your location lubrication.

Anthony loves bringing businesses into the US and steering them in the right direction to the right partners and of course “Sharks” with the Company www.wordsbetweenmates.com

Anthony loves to keynote speak and is extremely passionate about it and has spoken in front of many Entrepreneurs from start-ups to Sharks. His message and stories are compelling and funny. Anthony is definitely a personality speaker and you have to see him to believe it.

Anthony is also an inventor, partnership expert and angel investor.

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