The Sharks

The Hammorhead Shark

The Hammerhead Shark is the most social of Sharks. They like to swim in large schools and have no natural enemies. This type of Shark will be beneficial to your business and brand as they have a strong social and/or celebrity presence. Their name alone in association with your company and brand can attract other Sharks to want to invest or join the ‘fun’ in some way.

This type of Shark will want to buy into the potential of where the business can go, what’s possible and how they can make a few introductions to their group of influencers to dramatically impact the business. When meeting with a Hammerhead Shark, it’s about painting the picture of all the possibilities. Bring your gregarious social skills and be prepared. Know the types of circles the Shark runs in and be able to easily incorporate some examples of people into the painting of your picture of possibilities. This will open up the Shark’s mind and creativity. The more potential the Shark can see, the more likely he will be on board with you.

Only approach this type of Shark when you are established and ready to exponentially grow. The right Shark can almost instantly catapult your business to new heights. They can create a brand, buzz and potentially generate sales almost overnight. I have seen companies that have literally gone from launch to multi-million dollar sales in less than a month with the
right Hammerhead Shark on board.

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  1. Make sure you are congruent with a person before trying to enter into business together. Everybody has that gut feeling when they meet someone. If you aren’t comfortable or interested in how the person is right away, it’s not a good sign.
  2. Adopt a “we” verses a “me” attitude. Think about what you can give rather than what you can get. Be interesting . . . it’s extremely powerful and will add value.
  3. Get creative. Do something no one has ever done before.
  4. Be your authentic self ALWAYS!
  5. Be consistent in the manner in which you deal with people.