An Interview with the Author

We took some time to talk to Anthony about his book and asked some questions about “How to Catch a Shark” and here is what he had to say:

What’s so important about catching a shark?

Catching a shark is like putting a rocket on your back & flying to the moon, they expedite your growth and direction with their rolodex, connections & direction.  It’s also about positioning your business in an elevated place.  Sharks swim in select waters and to have your business swim alongside them in  these waters creates a positive perception.

Can’t ambitious people just network and be friendly and a partnership will just happen?

No, you have to pick your shark determine the right bait and then go fishing.   You are not going to find your shark in typical networking circles unless you are already networking at that level.  Remember the ‘shark’ refers to the seemingly untouchable expert in their field or influence that can add that extra boost to your business.  It’s also a case of driving your business (and life) with intention.  To go out and actively seek the shark you want requires you to really put thought into 1) The shark 2) The sweetspots and drivers of the shark 3) Your strategy to add value and attract.  That living with intention and purpose and behaviours that occur as a result of that way of life overflow into abundance in other areas and are also part of the reason the shark will see something in you that they don’t see in 99% of the people that want a piece of them.

What if there is no history together, should I still try to catch a shark I’ve never worked with them before?

Once you pick out the shark you want you have to follow the clues do your research and find the sharks sweat spots and attack.  It is usually the case that you will have no history.  If you do have a history then depending on why the former relationship did not go further it may be a case of reinventing your value proposition and attacking from a different perspective.

How do you decide what roles you and your shark should play in your partnership?

Once you determine you have congruency this process evolves and is respected.  you will usually seek your shark with a specific role in mind.   Remember its never about you placing expectations on your shark.

Do sharks only work with partner’s whose personal finances are very good – to great?

No it all boils down to following the clues and sweat spots and pitching the shark showing enthusiasm and transparency.  Personal finances should never play a role – its about mindset – you need to feel you are adding just as much value as them and never feel inferior to them – that is highly unattractive to a shark.

Catching a shark sounds like the final result of very effective networking. Are there certain skills that everybody must know before catching a shark?

Catching a shark is not networking this process is 10 steps above networking. You must have passion and enthusiasm to catch a shark and a plan!

What if I don’t know what I need from a shark, I just know I need one to succeed in my chosen business effort?

Thats where selection the right shark is crucial, yes this is done all the time you just need to be educated on which shark you need to catch.  If you don’t know what you need then you need to keep searching.  I think that in order to really to acquire something of value we must first perceive the value.

Do you and your shark always move at the same pace in business? What if one of you is more risk averse and the other is a daredevil?

This boils down to your research and finding the shark you are congruent with, follow the right clues and you’ll find the shark that balances you.  Depending on the shark you acquire and for what purpose you will more than likely find they are there for a reason, it may be to balance you out or it could be that your level of risk and that of the shark never need to be compromised as the shark is not involved at that level.

What if the shark agrees to work with me but wants me to do things I have never done before in my business?

You have to trust the shark, remember your the one that caught him.  Its all about what you want.  You catch the shark with a clear view of how you can both mutually benefit.  Its not about the shark coming in and micromanaging.

What happens when things don’t work out with my shark? What do I need to be prepared for?

Work out together the best strategy to exit, the shark will respect your leadership and its extremely important to never ever burn a bridge.

What future projects are you working on, do you have another book planned?

Catching more sharks & creating more businesses with them. Yes i have book 2 in the wind.

What was Kevin Harrington’s initial reaction when you told him about your book idea?

It was his suggestion as he’d never been caught before!

What’s the most important thing someone can do to ensure they are successful when they go shark fishing?

To make sure you are congruent DO NOT try to catch a shark if you are not it will implode ! And to always add the value first!

What if someone tries to catch a shark and the shark simply won’t work him or her. Should they keep trying to move on to find another shark?

This probably wont happen if you follow the no 1 rule “you have to be congruent” –  you need to make them see the value in you as they get so many offers of partnerships and business ventures – you need to have an amazing USP and add value first.

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