The Sharks

The Nurse Shark

The Nurse Shark is nocturnal and likes to hang in groups. The Nurse Shark could be likened to the silent partner type. They may invest as a group and look for comfortable investments. For this Shark, the numbers will be extremely important. They are not likely to invest in high risk, low reward ventures. They typically look for lower risk and moderate return. They look at the deal vs. putting their passion into the project. This type of Shark is not necessarily going to be a cheerleader and shout your brand to the moon. However, they may be a solid funding source for your company. This is usually a Shark you go after once you have an initial foundation for your business and are seeking funding to grow to the next level. That way the Shark can see what your past track record has been and what type of returns are possible.

When meeting with a Nurse Shark, subdued confidence is required. You need to have all of your facts and figures in order. Know your numbers inside and out. Be calm, cool, and confident. Have your presentation buttoned up. Bring supporting documents to show you are prepared to handle any question and provide an answer based on fact, not feeling.

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  1. Put yourself in the right environment to meet the Shark you need. Be creative to get your foot in the door of high-end exclusive
    places and maintain a mindset consistent with the Shark you want to attract.
  2. Be considerate of your Shark’s time. It’s extremely valuable.
  3. Understand the type of Shark you need in your business by assessing your current team and determining one Shark type that could benefit your business and growth strategy.
  4. Know your pitch and be able to adapt it to your audience – always deliver with passion and enthusiasm remembering people invest in people.
  5. Do everything possible to stand out from the rest – be the person that people want to be around and invest in.