Anthony Amos is a personality speaking that delivers compelling information that will blow you away.

In his keynote he delivers his message with real life time examples with great humour & plenty of passion.

When Anthony came to America with his family he knew not one person in this land of opportunity & within 2 years his circles of mates and business partners were (and still are to this day)  some of the most influential entrepreneurs in the country.

Having all these influences (sharks) in his life didn’t happen by accident and with his ability to communicate Anthony delivers practical advice on how to catch your own shark.

Anthony tells his story and throws his wizdom at you like hes talking to you one one, the information & delivery is second to none.

The biggest mistake most people make when building their company they dont separate partners and sharks, partners build the level of operation and create the foundation and then the right shark takes you to places & people you can only dream of.

Anthony shares how he found this to be so true with his businesses and how you to can take your business to places once thought a challenge and even impossible.

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